Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great Giveaways!

First of all, MMM is doing the cutest A. Tierney pendant giveaway. So perfect for summer! I love the pink and green stripe as well as the life preserver!!

Also, if you haven't previously won a
Tucker Blair headband, The Monogrammed Nest is giving one away!! I absolutely adore both the green and the pink that have the polkadots. I also love the lobster. Seriously, they're the cutest, and who doesn't need a little needlepoint in their life??

** I am on a Mac for 8 days (I'll explain why later) and cannot figure out how to right click, therefore cannot figure out how to get to the properties section to add a picture to the post. So, no pics for now until I figure this out!!! Trust me though that these items are SUPER cute!!**

** Mac users, they say macs are user friendly, but I am totally struggling with this!!**

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  1. I'm a mac-er so here's the right click situation
    press the ctrl key and click on the 'mouse' button.

    I was previously a Dell girl and was seriously annoyed when I first got my mac...but now it's love!


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