Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need help please!

For my birthday last fall, my mother in law got me the VV polo shirt dress in light pink. It's absolutely adorable, but this style of dress looks AWFUL on me. Every year I try on one or two in this style and every year I walk away thinking "so that's why I don't have any in my closet!" I've talked to B's mom about it, and since she got it last summer out east at a store that is only open in the summer, it can't be returned or exchanged. Bummer!! So, what I need your help with is would it be worth it to list it on ebay? I've never sold anything there before (though I buy occasionally). I'd like to get at least $50 for it as it's a $125 dress, still with the tags on it. At our local consignment stores in the city I'd get 50% of what they sell it for, and I bet they'd only put a $40 or $50 price on it. I really would like to see more than $20 for it. Does it cost a lot of money to list on ebay? It's a size medium, and I've never seen this dress listed on ebay, so that ups the "exclusivity" factor, but I don't know how many people (outside of preppy bloggers) that search for VV stuff on ebay in general.

Here are some pics to show you what I am talking about:

Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone out there in blogger world interested in an adorable summer dress? Trust me, it's perfect and would be great for running around all summer long!


  1. I would start it at half it's retail price and leave your auction open for a week with a buy it now option for closer to retail. Don't forget to factor shipping cost (additional or include in price). It's not hard to list/sell on ebay if you get all the key words in there so people can search for it. And, it's not very expensive either. Good luck! Maybe someone will see it here and want to buy it! Looks very cute. :)

  2. it's easy to list something on ebay - all templates. Ebay takes a small % commission from your selling price and if you accept a credit card payment via paypal you will pay a small % transaction fee. You can recover those costs by adjusting your selling price or shipping price. Most people like to see "Free shipping" so I'd include it in the selling price. You know VV is very popular, so it should sell easily. List it as NWT - new with tags and be sure to include size on the listing item line. Good luck!

  3. I've never used ebay to sell, but I love the dress! That style does look horrible on me too!

  4. Very cute! I have a strapless Lilly "Gweneth" dress I would trade you for it! Size 4 - I only wore it once and that was enough for me to remember how stupid I look in strapless!

  5. adorable- tough tough call- I'm in the same spot with some Lacose that I have- ebay or consign?! drives me wild- let us know how it goes whatever you do decide. ebay freaks me out otherwise I think I'd just pull the trigger and do that! but consigning seems like not yielding as much as I could. aagghhh


  6. I would be..but highly doubt a medium will fit this post preggo body!


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