Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Honor of Tonight

When B was at Miami University, he sang in their Men's Glee Club. I have come to adore the friends he made in Glee Club (many who live in Chicago) and love when we can get to Oxford for spring or fall concerts. Due to numerous reasons (one being the 10K), we can't get to Oxford tonight for the Spring Concert. We are bummed because the spring concert is always full of the "greatest hits", and quite a few of his friends will be there.

In honor of tonight's concert, I thought I would post a few of my absolute favorite glee club performances off of YouTube. The first is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (which you would know from the Shrek movie) and the Second is Beibl's Ave Maria. The Ave Maria was sung during communion at our wedding by five of our Glee Club friends- it was one of the most complemented moments of our wedding, and I will forever cherish that they did that for us.


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  1. Just started reading your blog and LOVE that you posted about the Glee Club! I'm a Miami Grad and had forgotten how wonderful this group was, thanks for the link.


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